Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for Rewards In Motion?

Yes, all runners 18 years or older are eligible to sign up, whether you’ve run Twin Cities In Motion (TCM) events in the past or not. Rewards In Motion is limited to individuals, not teams, families or associations.

How do I sign up and is there a fee?

Just press the button that says ‘Free Sign-Up’ on the top of the page to enroll. Rewards In Motion is an absolutely free program. No card is needed. You earn points and gain tiers automatically based on your activity.

Why should I sign up? What’s in it for me?

If you sign up, you become eligible for tier status that will offer registration, services like VIP and merchandise perks. You’ll also earn redeemable points for TCM purchases and badges to mark your accomplishments. When you participate in TCM events and experiences you earn points and gain tiers automatically based on your activity – no member card or member number needed.

What happens if I forget my Rewards In Motion personal rewards page?

When you first signed up, we sent you an email with your personal rewards page. If you can’t find it, no problem, please contact support at

Do the TCM events I’ve already run earn rewards for me?

Your initial tier status will be determined by your TCM participation in recent years. Points and badges will be earned by your participation in the future.

What is the importance of my tier status?

Your tier status will determine your access to exclusive rewards, including first block (lowest price) registration, quarterly discounted merchandise offers and exclusive Rewards In Motion member-only swag, tent access and more. See a table of tier perks here.

How do I maintain or improve my tier status?

Your tier status is based on the number of TCM events you participated in the previous year. Your tier status at the start of 2019 lasts until the end of 2019, unless your participation in 2019 raises your status for the remainder of 2019 and 2020. To learn more about how to maintain or improve your tier status, check out our How it Works page.

How do I move up in the tier ranks?

It all depends on the tier you are currently in and how many races you do in the calendar year. If you participate in more races, it will get you closer to moving up the tier ranks and will solidify your tier for the following year. To learn more about how to maintain or improve your tier status, check out our How it Works page.

What are points and how do I use them?

You earn points by purchasing and participating in TCM events, plus, you can earn points through special TCM promotions. Each dollar you spend on registration or experiences converts to 10 points. Points can be redeemed on a variety of items, services and race registrations. You can redeem points for rewards at any time by selecting which reward you would like and are eligible for based on your points total.

How are points added to my account?

It’s automatic. You won’t have to do a thing. Just start by registering for a TCM event and watch your points accumulate within 3 business days on your personal rewards webpage.

Is there a maximum number of points issued on any given purchase?

No there is no maximum number of points awarded. What you spend is what you earn.

Do I need to spend my points by a certain time?

No, your points are yours for the life of the program.

Are points transferrable to another Rewards In Motion member?

No, your points are not transferrable. However, a customer can redeem their reward and give their reward redemption to someone else. *Reward redemption does not apply to race entries that are transferred, only race fees purchased at full price

Can I get points for purchases I made before I enrolled in the Rewards In Motion program?

No, you can only earn points for purchases after enrollment in the program.

What are badges and how do they work?

Badges are digital emblems that indicate your accomplishments. For example, you’ll get rewarded for your first race of the year, when you add a particular distance to your TCM race count or reach various annual milestones.

How do I keep track of my Rewards In Motion status and points?

Every Rewards In Motion member is given their own personal rewards page to track tier status, progress toward a higher tier, points earned, and badges achieved.

Does this mean TCM will no longer offer TC Challenge race series?

No. TCM will still offer the TC Loony and TC Ultra Loony Challenges on Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Weekend. However, our year-long series will be discontinued now that we are offering Rewards In Motion. We will offer badges within Rewards In Motion to recognize TC Summit, TC Ultra Summit and TC 5K Challenge achievements.

Do members get points for redemption items?

Members only get points for purchased items, not redeemed items.

Will there be special bonus points earning opportunities?

Yes, from time to time, TCM will allow Members special opportunities to earn bonus points. These include points for actions, completing surveys, etc. In addition, there will be accelerator opportunities when Members make purchases to receive bonus points for their purchase.

Other ways to earn points?

We will be providing Members the opportunity to earn points by social shares/likes/follows and referring friends to the program in the future. Watch for special bonus opportunities to earn additional points.